London - 31 August 2001

Mr Altaf Hussain. MQM Founder and Leader, has strongly condemned the decision of construction of the Kala-Bagh Dam and termed it as Anti-Sindh. He was addressing a hurriedly called meeting of the Members of the MQM Central Coordination Committee, Sindh Organising Committee and former Haq Parast Members of National and Provincial Assemblies.

Mr Altaf Hussain stated that the people of Sindh have unanimously rejected and collectively condemned the Kala-Bagh Dam Project because this project is against the interest of the Sindh Province, a conspiracy to barren the land of Sindh and a matter of life of death. He reminded that the Provincial Assembly of Sindh has also unanimously agreed and passed a resolution against the project whereby completely rejecting the construction of Kala-Bagh Dam. However, against the earnest desires and wishes of the people of Sindh, the Punjabi Establishment is bent upon carrying out this Anti-Sindh Project. In addition, the Punjabi Establishment has also started working on another Anti-Sindh Project, i.e. Greater Thal Canal Project.

Mr Hussain warned that the people of Sindh would never accept the Anti-Sindh Projects such as the construction of Kala-Bagh Dam and Greater Thal Canal. In the light of the announcement of the Indus River System Authority (IRSA), to construct the Kala-Bagh Dam, Mr Hussain advised the MQM Coordination Committee to immediately organise to hold a seminar inviting the intellectuals, professors and technical experts. He also advised to take up this matter with all concerned.

The Members of the MQM Coordination Committee after deliberations has decided to hold a seminar in Karachi, to highlight the "apprehensions of the people of Sindh on the construction of Kala-Bagh Dam and the Greater Thal Canal", on 5 September 2001. Renowned intellectuals, professors, technical experts and teachers of Sindh Province would be invited to address the seminar.