London - 25 April 2000

Mr Altaf Hussain, MQM Founder and Leader, has said that the Two Nation Theory was buried in 1951, when the Pakistani borders were sealed for the Muslims of India.  It is a historical fact that instead of uniting the Muslims of India, the Two Nation Theory has divided the Muslims of Subcontinent into three parts.  Therefore, this theory has failed in the light of the experiences of the 52 years history.  Mr Altaf Hussain was addressing a huge gathering of MQM Elders Wing over the phone from London at Nine Zero, the MQM Head Office in Karachi. 

Mr Hussain said that according to the Two Nation Theory presented before the partition, two nations existed in the undivided India – the Muslims and the Hindus.  Since Hindus were in majority, therefore, at the time of independence of India, it was felt prudent for the Muslims to have their own separate homeland where they could live freely, happily and peacefully according to their faith and belief.  However, today when this theory is viewed in the historical perspective then we come to the conclusion that the Muslims of the Subcontinent have been divided into three parts, i.e. the Muslims of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.  In this way, the Two Nation Theory resulted in the division and then the subdivision of the Muslims of India instead of uniting them.  As a result, not only the Subcontinent was divided but also the Muslims of the Subcontinent continued to divide.  Mr Hussain said that at the time of the presentation of the Two Nation Theory it was declared that Pakistan will be for all the Muslims of India but in 1951, the Pakistani borders were shut down for the Muslims of India, thus burying the very concept of the Two Nation Theory.  Later in 1971, the Two Nation Theory again proved wrong when Muslim majority of Pakistan, i.e. Bengali Muslims, were forced to separate themselves from Pakistan when instead of providing them their rights, an army operation was launched against them.  They were oppressed and their genocide was committed.  It is important to note that when the majority of the country decided to separate itself from the country then the Two Nation Theory ceased to exist and there remained no justification for the existence of Pakistan.  Thereafter, on the basis of the 1940 Resolution, the four provinces of the country should have transformed into autonomous states.  However, on the basis of being in majority in the remainder of Pakistan, the Punjabi Establishment forcefully took control of the country.  The same Punjabi Establishment then termed the Sindhis, Pakhtoons and Mohajirs as ‘traitors’.  They became the self-proclaimed controllers of Pakistan and issued certificate of treachery.  Whereas before partition, the feudal lords and notorious personalities of Punjab not only supported the Unionist Part (anti Pakistan party) but also openly opposed the creation of Pakistan. 

Mr Hussain said that within a few years after the creation of Pakistan, the first elected Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated leaving the Mohajirs without any sincere and true leadership. For years Mohajirs continued to suffer from the injustices – they were screened out from the government departments, doors to higher education and employments were closed for them, their annihilation in the fields of economic and education was carried out through the imposition of quota system and similar unjust policies were imposed upon them.  No voice was raised against this oppression and injustices.  As a result of this persistent injustices and victimisation MQM came into being, which initiated the struggle against these injustices and for the attainment of rights. 

Elaborating on the subject Mr Hussain said that when we started our struggle, then instead of providing us our rights we were subjected to genocide, thousands of young people of our nation were ruthlessly murdered, thousands have been unlawfully detained in false and  fabricated cases, dozens have been awarded death sentences in false and fabricated cases and are being detained in the death cells, more than 28 workers have been reported as ‘disappeared’ – they were unlawfully arrested and taken away by the personnel of law enforcement agencies in front of their family members. 

What is our crime? For what reasons we are being punished?  Did our forefathers create Pakistan so that the Police, Paramilitary Rangers and Administration would come from Punjab to commit massacres of our children and youth – on the pretext of crushing ‘terrorism’, our mothers and sisters would be humiliated – our areas would be attacked as if they were occupied or conquered and these areas would be kept under siege for days? Mr Hussain asked.

Mr Hussain said that there are far more Muslims living in India but despite the Hindu Muslim riots, it has never been witnessed that their Army attacked the Muslim areas similar to the attacks of Army, Paramilitary Rangers and Police in Pakistan on our localities and homes.  What label should be attributed to this tragic situation where the people who gave their blood and sacrificed for the very creation of Pakistan are once again sacrificing their blood to save their generation and to attain their rights.

‘I had written letters to every president, prime minister and the chief of army staff of Pakistan  but none of them could put an end to this oppression’ he said.  Moreover, in 1994, we filed a constitutional petition in the Supreme Court of Pakistan but Mohajirs were not provided justice and our petition has been dumped in the cold storage.  Under these circumstances where should the Mohajirs go? Whom should we seek justice from? And what course of action should we adopt? 

Mr Hussain reiterated that Mohajirs have shown remarkable restraint so far but there is a limit to everything.  If the genocide of Mohajirs and the process of awarding death sentences on false and fabricated charges continues then a time will come when they will cross all limits of patience and the responsibilities will then rest on the shoulders of the Establishment, not on the people of Mohajir Nation. 

Mr Hussain advised the elders to remain united and be ready to face difficult times.  It is the result of our unity and the struggle of 22 years that today Mohajirs are recognised as a nation not only in Pakistan but throughout the international world.  He further said that the audacity, courage and boldness of our elders have widely contributed in our struggle and success.  After the commencement of Army Operation on 19 June 1992, when our youth could not enter their areas and had to leave their homes, our elders came forward to carry out the work of the Movement.  In the General Elections of 1997, without any fear for their lives they went into the “No Go Areas” and took control of the party work despite being subjected to torture at the hands of the Haqiqi terrorists in the presence of the Army. Mr Hussain speaking on the sacrifices of the elders stated that our elders have also sacrificed their lives for the Movement alongside the youth. 

Highly appreciating and admiring the efforts, work and sacrifices of the elders under such difficult and critical conditions, he appealed to them to remain united because in a nation’s struggle it is essential that the elders and women and youth of that nation work side by side.  He reminded the office bearers to always respect the elders and show their affection towards them because their presence is a great blessing for the Movement.