Ideologically speaking, MQM is not a proponent of Socialism, Communism or unbridled Capitalism. It only believes in Realism and Practicalism. By adopting this philosophy it desires to establish an economic system based on free market economy in accordance with the spirit of democracy. MQM seeks drastic reforms in all sectors including agriculture, industry, commerce, education, health, defence, finance and judiciary. These are considered essential for the solidarity, security, progress and prosperity of the country as well as for the welfare of the common man. MQM wants to see total elimination of corruption, bribery, injustices, tyranny, exploitation, illiteracy, unemployment, poverty, drug trafficking and other such social evils. It aims to introduce a comprehensive program to make Pakistan prosperous and stable, and create a just society in which opportunity to progress and prosper is available to all, without discrimination.

While the MQM primarily espouses the cause of the 98 percent poor and middle classes, it does also recognise the two- percent elite class as useful citizens of the country. It has no intention to take away their legally acquired wealth. Its objective is to evolve on the principle of Realism and Practicalism a just system in which all classes of the country should feel themselves fully secured. Without taking any thing away from the men of status, the poor and middle class people should have the opportunity to come out of the quagmire of poverty through merit and hard work. Additionally, the system should be free from exploitation, hatred and injustices. Furthermore, adherence to any particular cast, creed, language, ethnicity, sex, sect and religion, should in no way prejudice any one’s fundamental or human rights.

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