London -- 31 October 1999

Negotiations between Dr. Imran Farooq, Convenor of MQM Co-ordination Committee, and the resigned members of the MQM to resolve the differences started today at the International Secretariat in London. Discussion commenced at 10 a.m. GMT and lasted until 4.00 p.m. During the meeting, the resigned members pointed out the reasons of differences with the Co-ordination Committee, which formed the grounds for their resignations. They also discussed the current situation in the country in detail. Dr. Imran Farooq assured the resigned members that their point of view and suggestions falling within the parameters of the of the law of the land and the Constitution will be seriously considered and accommodated by the Co-ordination Committee. Dr Imran Farooq asked the resigned members to withdraw their resignations on the grounds of the assurances given by the Co-ordination Committee, which they duly withdrew at the end of the negotiations.

Dr. Imran Farooq informed the MQM Co-ordination Committee at Nine Zero in Azizabad, Karachi, about the details of discussions and the results arrived here in London. The Co-ordination Committee ratified the decision of Dr. Imran Farooq and welcomed the members within their fold. They termed this step as a positive in the struggle for the attainment of rights. Members who had withdrawn their resignations included Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Dr. Ishrat Ul Ebad, Nadeem Nusrat, Mohammad Anwar, Saleem Shahzad, Anees Ahmed Advocate, Syed Zulfiquar Haider Advocate, Wasay Jalil and Dr. Sagheer Ansari.