Famous Cricketer Sarfraz Nawaz met Altaf Hussain

Together MQM and PML (Q) should defeat the
conspiracies of Imran Khan: Sarfaraz

Sarfaraz Nawaz handed over concrete
documentary evidences to Altaf Hussain


London; 31st May 2007

 The famous cricketer and President of the Central Sports Wing of PML(Q) Sarfaraz Nawaz met Founder and Leader of MQM Altaf Hussain yesterday at MQMs International Secretariat. In a marathon session of 5 hours between two leaders overall political scenario came under discussion.

Mr. Sarfaraz Nawaz said that MQM is our coalition partner and together we should defeat the conspiracies of Imran Khan. He maintained that as a Patriot Pakistani this is his prime responsibility to provide the people of
Pakistan with all the sufficient and concrete evidences against the wrong doings of Imran Khan.

Mr. Sarfaraz Nawaz extended his and PML(Q)s unconditional support towards MQM. Mr. Hussain said that MQM is for democracy, stability, rule of law and wellbeing of the people. He said that MQM wants to resolve all the issues with its coalition partners via dialogue which strengthens the bilateral relations. In the end Mr. Hussain thanked Mr. Nawaz for all his support.