Cold blooded & barbaric killers have snatched away our beloved colleague
Khalid Bin Waleed and his familyís sacrifices towards the Tehrik are unforgettable
Khalid Bin Waleedís Barbaric Murder is part of the conspiracy to destroy the Law and Order of the city
I equally share the grief of the family and condole with them
Workers and public should exercise restraint and not react in anger
Sindh Government should ensure the arrest of the barbaric Killers and should award them exemplary punishment -- Altaf Hussain

Khalid Bin WaleedLondon - 16 February 2003
Muttahida Quami movementís Founder and Leader Mr. Altaf Hussain have strongly condemned the barbaric murder of movementís zealous worker and leader, former member of Sindh Assembly Khalid Bin Waleed.  In his condolence statement he said that Khalid Bin Waleed was a senior member and leader of the movement.  Mr. Khalid Bin Waleed and his familyís sacrifices for the party are unforgettable.

Mr. Altaf Hussain said that I was pained and shocked to learn the tragic murder of Khalid Bin Waleed.  I recalled several meetings in the past with his family members and could not stop the tears.  A good natured, soft-spoken Khalid Bin Waleed, the moments spent with him cannot be forgotten. He said that the barbaric killers have snatched another beloved colleague from us.

Khalid Bin Waleed made immense contribution towards the sectarian Solidarity and brotherhood and his services cannot be forgotten.  He said that at the time when the city of Karachi was reflecting a peaceful look and the three days of Eid ul Azha passed peacefully and the law and order situation of Sindh, particularly Karachi was improving with every passing day, the disruptive elements targeted Khalid Bin Waleed to spoil the peaceful climate in Sindh.  They want to create an atmosphere of fear so that MQM workers would retaliate to the murder of Khalid Bin Waleed.  Mr. Altaf Hussain appealed to the people of Sindh and particularly the MQM workers to understand the conspiracies of the disruptive elements, keep calm and be patient.  Mr. Hussain emphasised that MQM will not allow the law and order situation to deteriorate and will face the conspiracies with determination and fortitude.  No stone will be left in turned until the identities of the culprits are not revealed.  Mr. Hussain conveyed his heart felt condolences to the family of Mr. Khalid Bin Waleed and assured them that hundreds of thousand of MQM workers feel the loss of their loved one.  He also appealed to Mr. Ali Mohammad Mehar, Chief Minister of Sindh, Dr. Ishrat Ul Ibad, Governor of Sindh, the Interior Minister of Sindh and the officials of police and Administration of Sindh to arrest the murderers to provide exemplary punishment.  Finally, Mr. Altaf Hussain prayed for the salvation of Mr. Khalid Bin Waleed and for the solace to his near and dear ones.