Riyadh -- 11 February 2001

While addressing a gathering of Pakistanis organised to celebrate his wedding by Mohibban-e-Pakistan in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Mr Altaf Hussain, Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM), has said that he is proud of her life partner. She is determined to struggle against the oppression and is prepared to sacrifice.  Commenting on the negative propaganda over the identity of his wife, Mr Hussain expressed his dismay that certain feudal, waderas, plunderers and agents of the Establishment have tried to create controversy over his marriage.  It is being propagated that she is not a Sindhi, she is not a Baloch and that she is a Punjabi.  Mr Hussain said that Faizal Gabol is now his wife and whether she is a Punjabi, Pakhtoon, Sindhi or Baloch, he is proud of marrying her.  He said, "I am proud that she is prepared to struggle along my side and is prepared for sacrifices."  Mr Hussain said that any woman, regardless of her ethnicity, who comes forward to struggle against the oppressive system and is prepared to face the hardship, is highly respectable for him.  Mr Hussain declared that he is not against the ordinary oppressed people of Punjab but against the Punjabi Establishment and the notorious plunderers and robbers of the national exchequer.  Mr Hussain asserted that deprived and oppressed Punjabis are his brothers and the oppressed Punjabi mothers and sisters are his mothers and sisters.  Mr Hussain said that on his marriage the Mohajirs, Sindhis, Baloch, Punjabis, Pashtoons, Seraikis and Kashmiris expressed their delight, however, those on the Establishment’s payroll who have no conscience or morality are not happy.  He disclosed that not only the Punjabis but also some among the Sindhis, Mohajir, Baloch and Pashtoons are on the payroll of the government agencies.  Are those who are proclaiming that his wife is not a Gabol but belong to a Punjabi family, trying to prove that being a "Punjabi" is an insult, he asked? Advising the participants to ignore the negative propaganda campaign Mr Hussain said that Faiza Gabol is now the wife of your leader and in the righteous struggle you will always find her next to your leader.  Mr Hussain said that in the past such heinous propagandas were spread but could it affect your love towards your leader.  Did you leave your Altaf Bhai?  He asked, "I strongly believe that be as it may, my truly loving companions would never desert their Altaf Bhai and would not get retracted because of such baseless propaganda."

Mr Altaf Hussain emphasised that we are not struggling against any particular community.  We want the elimination of the medieval feudal system and the "Generalcracy".  We want to establish a system where everyone has equal rights, everyone is treated equally and law is equal for all.  We do not want a system where the poor are imprisoned on false and fabricated charges and rich people like Nawaz Sharif, who have been convicted by the courts for looting the national exchequer, are sent to foreign country with full honour.  We want a system where poor and rich are punished equally and even be hanged for committing the same crime.  We firmly believe that by the Grace of Allah Almighty one day we will be successful in our righteous struggle and bring about a change in the country, he declared. 

Mr Hussain said that his marriage has been conducted very simply in accordance with the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).  He said that he proposed only two conditions for his marriage, first that he would not accept any dowry and secondly that his wife must be prepared to face any difficult situation, which may arise in the path of the Movement, the mission and the cause.  He said, "I always taught my companions to get married without demanding any dowry.  Hundreds and thousands of poor parents are not able to marry their daughters because of this curse.  Similarly on my marriage, I did not demand any dowry, therefore, I practically proved that I am against dowry system." 

Mr Hussain said that he never met his wife before their marriage; neither looked at her photograph.  "She used to read my statements on the Internet and is the follower of my philosophy.”  Mr Hussain said that regardless of her family background she is a follower of the ideology of Altaf Hussain, she is against the feudal system and is mentally and physically prepared to face any hardship in the path of the struggle, even to the extent of sacrificing her life.  He pointed out that he fully anticipates that his wife would never hinder his mission and cause, but rather prove to be a source of inspiration and energy.  Mr Hussain requested the participants to pray that this marriage proves to be a blessing for the Movement, the mission and the cause.  He also requested the participants to pray to Almighty Allah for the forgiveness of martyrs, release of the detained workers and the rehabilitation of the displaced families.