American Ambassador to Pakistan Anne Patterson held detailed
discussions with MQM Leader Mr. Altaf Hussain in London

London 05 April 2008
The American Ambassador to Pakistan Anne W. Patterson met MQM leader Mr. Altaf Hussain yesterday at MQM International Secretariat, London. The meeting lasted for two hours. The US, Pakistan relations, the current political situation after the Elections and general condition in Pakistan were discussed at length. Mr. Altaf Hussain pointed out to the ambassador that MQM represents poor and middle class cadre in the country. Although we are not against the wealthy class but we do want to see the back of feudal system. Being a democratic party we want to see democracy in true sense of the word by ending the rule by a few influential families and providing opportunities and justice to the people at large.

Mr. Hussain informed the Ambassador that MQM sacrificed thousands of lives for the sake of democratic rights of the people and our struggle is continuing. He emphasised that MQM wants to see harmony among different sects, protection of minority’s places of worship, equal rights for women, elimination of child labour and honour killings. He said that MQM opposes massive write-off’s of loans by the rich and famous at the cost of national exchequer. No one will ever find MQM office bearers of such crime. Because of MQM stand against such practices, the image of MQM has been maligned within the country as well as abroad. But our action have proved that the allegations against us were unfounded. After the nine eleven episode MQM was the only party that took out a rally in sympathy and solidarity with the US and condemned all acts of terrorism. He also assured the ambassador that MQM would fully cooperate with the government in the interest of democracy and to combat the threats to the stability of the country. Ms. Anne W. Patterson in response said that her government welcome the MQM determination to strengthen the democratic process, combat religious extremism, protection of rights of women and religious minorities in the country. She praised the calibre of newly elected MQM parliamentarians. She also acknowledged the work carried out by the previously elected MQM ministers and parliamentarians, particularly the development works carried out in Karachi without any form of discrimination. The MQM Senior Deputy Convenor Tariq Jawiad along with other members of MQM Coordination Committee was also present in the meeting. The ambassador also took a tour of various departments of the International Secretariat and met other members of the party.

Anne W. Paterson US Ambassador to Pakistan discussing with Mr. Altaf Hussain.
Senior Deputy Convenor Tariq Jawaid, Members of the MQM Co-ordination Committee
Mohammad Anwar, Tariq Meer and Saleem Shahzad also present.